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Relevate is a safe haven for people to make perpetual progress as they seek to understand God. We are a community of unfinished people who love Jesus. We authentically welcome, love, and include all people, as we challenge one another to grow in every area of life. We believe in serving the community, supporting each other, and those in need around us every day.

Who we are...

We believe Simple Faith means stripping away “religion” and focusing on trusting God more than you trust anything else. Simple Faith is gutsy, accessible, and free to anyone who wants it.

Simple Faith

We are embracing the fact that nobody is perfect. We’re all people in progress and we are creating safe spaces where you can come as you are, no exceptions.

Imperfectly in Progress

Meeting Needs

Relevate is on a mission for social justice. We understand it’s hard to focus on eternity when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. It’s our responsibility to serve our community and show love outside the walls of our building.

our pastors:
Brandon Brillhart

Lead Pastor

David Hansen

Spiritual & Group Pastor 

Kelli Szrot

Worship Leader

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