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Join us for Community Conversations January 30th at 10 Am Lawrence Arts Center! 


Do you ever feel like you have so many questions that you shouldn't be asking?

You know, the kind of questions that made Old Lady Jones (who seemed to be permanently glued into the second pew on the right) look at you as though you were going to hell right there and then just for THINKING such a thing.

Yeah, we do, too.

Series begins January 16th, 2022


The first of our series of Community Conversations designed to create a safe space for candid conversations about typically taboo subjects in faith based communities. This month features a presentation by Dr. Jodi Palmer, Hematologist/Oncologist entitled "The Science and Practice of Vaccines" followed by a Q & A session about how practical application of science fits in within faith.

Series begins January 30th, 2022

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